Iriska Litter E (Aug?)
Iriska Litter F (anticipated early January)
Mirra Litter C (born June 7)
Mirra Litter D (Oct?)

Upcoming Litters


Litter E: anticipated around the third week of August
ready for new homes near the end of October (4 reserved)

Litter F: anticipated around early January
ready for new homes around early March (1 reserved)

Iriska's Litter D at graduation

Iriska's Litter D at birth



Litter C: born June 7, 2019
ready for new homes near end of August (5 reserved)

Litter D: anticipated around October 2019
ready for new homes around December (1 reserved)

Mirra's Litter C at two weeks

Mirra's Litter B at graduation

Mirra's Litter B at one week



If you are interested in reserving a Spellbound Siberian Cats kitten you can pay your deposit through our store.  Most of our litters are completely reserved before they are born (occasionally even before the queen goes into heat!), so we highly recommend placing your deposit as soon as you are able....

As always, if there aren't enough kittens for the number of deposits received, we can either refund your deposit or bump you to the next litter, whichever you prefer.

Sires and Queens

photos and pedigrees
We currently have one male (Gāb) and two active queens (Iriska and Mirra). Click through for photos and pedigrees!   Sires and Queens

Previous Litters

lots of photos!

Lots of kitten cuteness to be seen on this page! We're in the process of adding more photos and organizing to make it easier to see what kittens each queen has produced so far.   Previous Litters

If you aren't sure which litter you want a kitten from, you can see photos and pedigrees of the parents on our Sires and Queens page, photos of kittens from previous litters on our Previous Litters page, and you can always see our newest photos and videos on our Facebook page.

If you change your mind or need to back out before the kittens are born, we will happily refund your deposit once we receive another to replace it (which never seems to take very long.)


If you would just like to stay up to date on what's happening here, please follow us on Facebook.  (That's the easiest place for us to post updates, so that's where we update most frequently.)

You can also view kittens from past litters on our previous litters page.