Spellbound Siberian Cats is located about 15 miles north of Dallas, in Garland, TX

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It’s okay!

We’re going to be trying to get some links together for you, to help you find a way to get your kitten if you can’t come get it yourself.  You can always pay us to deliver—we don’t mind!—or to meet you somewhere in the middle.  Whatever it takes, we’ll find a way for you to get your kitten(s).

As our cattery grows, our prices will change and we may move to tiered pricing, but for now it’s very simple: Our kittens cost $1599*, which will be split into three easy, equal payments.

*We offer a $33 discount on each payment made with cash, check, or another method that does not charge us fees, which equals a $99 discount if you make all three payments that way. (See checkout for details.)
*Add 8.25% sales tax if you live in Texas

No, Siberians aren’t free of allergens—no animal is—but they DO have lower allergen levels than most other breeds. You can read more on our Allergy Info page.

Yes, we actually encourage allergy visits!

We really don’t want you to take a kitten home, fall in love with it (and it with you), and then have everyone go through the heartbreak of having to bring the kitten back because you’re allergic to it. (We’ve never had a kitten returned, and we’d love to keep it that way!)

Please keep in mind that our home currently has five adult Siberians plus however many kittens are here when you visit! If you DON’T react here it is extremely unlikely that you would react to one or two cats in your own home.  If you DO have a mild reaction we are happy to schedule another visit with only one or two cats on another day.

It can vary from bloodline to bloodline, so I can’t speak for cats from other breeders, but our cats and kittens tend to shed for about ten days in the spring and another tend days or so in the fall; the rest of the year we only see shedding if they are stressed about something, and even then it’s minimal.

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