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It’s just so much faster and easier to post on Facebook….

I really do intend to post here as much as I can, but like the title of this post says, it really is just SO much faster and easier to post on Facebook that that’s what I usually end up doing…

You can find our posts on our business page, of course, but we’ve also fairly recently added a private group for our owners and future/potential owners to chat and share photos and videos.  It’s a fairly active group, so there’s plenty to see and read if you’re so inclined…

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She let us weigh the kittens and get pics of each of them today!

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Granted, we had to do it pretty quickly, and she scolded us when the kittens cried at all, but we did it!

Because it was the first time she let us pick up EVERY kitten, we just used Clint’s iPhone for the pics, and didn’t try to get multiple angles of each kitten, but I WILL do that as soon as she lets me….

Unless I’m mistaken—I WAS looking pretty quickly—we appear to have three boys and three girls, so I’ve updated our Available Kittens page to reflect that. I’ll update again ASAP with links to a gallery for each kitten…. : )

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She trusts us a little….

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She’s letting us reach in to pet her while she’s with the kittens now, and even lets us pet the kittens and occasionally pick one up! Of course, if ANY of the kittens cry while she’s out of the box for some reason, she glares at us as if it’s our fault, even if we’re nowhere near the kittens…. lol

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She really doesn’t want to be alone in here….

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Our mama kitty (Rossity Ulissa) follows me every time I try to leave the room, so I’ve set up camp in the master bath with her for the foreseeable future. (She scatters the kittens every time she jumps out of the tub, they cry and cry until she comes back, and she cries while following me. I don’t want to stress her out, so I’m hanging out in here with her and Clint is bringing me anything I need that isn’t already here.)

My temporary "office" and my "assistant"

My temporary “office” and my “assistant”

The cats have pretty much taken over our master bath....

The cats have pretty much taken over our master bath….